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25 – 27 May in Paris

Connected Conference
Paul will participate in a round table discussion about Open IoT Networks role in building Smart Cities the morning of the the 27th.

27 May in Amsterdam

MRA Digital Hotspot
How can Amsterdam become the number one spot for data driven innovation in Europe. Paul will attend this event organised bij the Amsterdam Economic Board.

31 May in Utrecht

IBM Business Connect
Jonathan Carter will present Think like a startup : how newcomers use of the Internet of Things to challenge your business.

13 – 15 June in Austin Texas

Smart City Innovation Summit
Jonathan is joining a trade mission led by the Amsterdam CTO to share his experience and knowledge with Smart City Innovators from around the world.





Fast Moving Targets interview with Paul Manwaring
(IoT Living Lab)

Internet of Things interview with Jonathan Carter (Sensemakers)

iBeacon Experience Days discussion with Katalin Gallyas.

I amsterdam Museumnacht Hackathon


The City as Living Lab

Glimworm creates Internet of Things infrastructure for the city of Amsterdam via the IoT Living Lab by installing Eddystone beacons, iBeacons, sensors and LoRa (long range) wireless networks that accelerate smart citizen solutions.

The Living Lab is open and implemented in public spaces to provide access to developers and solution providers to test next generation interactive mobile applications that also generate open data thus creating new value chains across industries.

The goal of IoT Living Lab is to provide IoT infrastructure and actionable Open Data and developer friendly platforms for emerging IoT innovations which stimulates the creation of new startups and mobile applications making a rapid impact on the local economy.

Recently Glimworm received 100,000 euros funding from the Open Data Incubator Europe to hold the European Presidency IoT challenge that will focus on solving big problems that create positive social impact and share those innovations with other EU member states.

Specific (and demonstrable) applications include: The Beacon Mile, Indoor way finding, Interactive Museum exhibitions (e-Culture), Smart Parking signs, crowd management, virtual guides and next generation wearables for sports and e-health apps.


Coming soon

  • Oosterpark
  • Marineterrein V-Bell
  • Multilingual Way Finding (by Embarcadero)
  • Movin
  • Virti-Q
  • Art Whisper
  • Monumentum